Plymouth Speech, Debate has busy month

PLYMOUTH — The Ply-mouth High School Speech and Debate Team had a busy and fruitful December in terms of competition as a team and in individual performances.
On Dec. 5, two-thirds of the team traveled to Peoria, Ill. to compete in the George Armstrong Invitational at Bradley University. Overall, the team placed fifth, competing against teams from all over the United States.
Earning individual honors were Bryt Hiatt, placing third in total sweepstakes points; and Austin Craft, fourth.
The competition events were somewhat different from those used in Indiana. Many of the PHS contestants were performing in events that were new to them.
• Placing in the varsity division for Plymouth were:
Duet Acting: Bryt Hiatt/ Rebecca Brumbaugh, champions; Austin Craft/Emily Walden, second
Sports Broadcasting: Patrick Felke, champion
Humor: Sam Compton, second
Declamation: Austin Craft, second; Pauline Dagass, semi-finalist
Extemp: Bryt Hiatt, third; Patrick Felke, sixth
Drama: Sarah Gouker, third; Bryt Hiatt, sixth
Duo: Sean Hatfield/Jason Pickell, sixth
Impromptu: Kelsey Shaf-fer, semi-finalist
Original Oratory: Emily Walden, semi-finalist
• Novice Division placings included:
Special Occasion speaking: Briana Gantz, second
Radio: April Bowen, third; Haley Paton, seventh
Original Comedy: Hay-den Wolfe, third
Drama: Kyle Barry, fifth
Humor: Christine Beckmann, sixth; Kate Peters, seventh
Extemp: Ellen Smith, sixth
Original Oratory: Kate Peters, sixth
Prose: Kristen Gergely, semi-finalist
Only days later, the team not only won first place at the Elkhart Central tournament Dec. 11, but also showed the versatility of the individual contestants.
The majority of those competing on the Plymouth team performed in more than one event.
The team as a whole scored 174 points over second place Munster High School with 162 and Culver Academies at 142.
Following are the individual placings in the Varsity Division:
Discussion: Gage Pynaert, champion; Nelson Wagner, second; Deven Berger, third.
Declamation: Pauline Dagaas, champion; Austin Craft, fourth
Impromptu: Michaila Nate, champion
Scripted Duo: Sarah Gouker/Olivia Hilliard, champion
Memorized Duo: Sean Hatfield/Jason Pickell, second; Austin Craft/Emily Walden, third; Christy Chipman/Michael Gray, eighth
United States Extemp: Kelsey Shaffer, third; Ashton Morrow, fourth
Original Performance: Christy Chipman, third; Luke Bumpus, fourth
Broadcasting: Christina Krozel, third
Drama: Stephanie Gorka, fourth
Humor: Becca Houser, sixth; Olivia Houin, eighth
Placings in the Novice Division were as follows:
Drama: Ellen Smith, champion; Katelyn Hartsell, second; Kyle Barry, fourth; Haley Paton, eighth
Original Performance: Jessica Cleveland, champion; Hayden Wolfe, seventh
Scripted Duo: Cody Langdon/Dalton Van Dusen, second; Ellen Smith/ Tyler Wagner, third; Markee Farler/Andrew Youst, seventh
Humor: Christine Beckmann, second; Hayden Wolfe, third; April Bowen, fourth; Kate Peters, fifth
Original Oratory: Kate Peters, second; Christine Beckmann, fourth
Broadcasting: April Bow-en, second; Haley Paton, seventh
Memorized Duo: Kyle Barry/Briana Gantz, second
Impromptu: Rachel Hacha, fourth
Prose: Katelyn Hartsell, fifth; Miranda Hacha, sixth
Poetry: Markee Farler, seventh; Sommer McClellan, eighth
Beginning in the new year, the Novice Division is dropped and students perform at one level.