Plymouth Schools eying $1.4 million bond for security upgrades

PLYMOUTH — The Plymouth School Board held a public hearing on Tuesday night, prior to the regular Board session, concerning the consideration of an approximately $1,425,000 bond. The bond monies will be used for a variety of safety and security needs as identified by a safety audit done earlier this year and other concerns that James Phillips, director of safety and security for the Plymouth Schools, has identified since his hire last month.

Phillips reviewed the immediate needs and a priority list with the Board and the audience members.

Under immediate needs, Phillips said there is a need for an Angel Trax Camera system, Z pass (K-6) students), and a bus check-mate system. He explained that the bus check-mate system makes it mandatory for bus drivers to go to the back of the bus after every run to make sure children have all exited the bus.

“This is important since we now park the busses at Weirs every night.”

The reader card system will allow both the bus drivers and the transportation department to know when a child enters the bus and when he/she leaves the bus. Phillips said when a child leaves the bus; the pass will automatically log them off. He said there is an active video component with the system that can be pulled up immediately to verify information. “If a child gets on the wrong bus, audio alarms will go off. Phillips said. The transportation needs were proposed at a cost of $92,500.

(More details on this story are available in the Aug. 7 print and e-editions of the Pilot News.)