Plymouth resident sells hand-crafted oils

PLYMOUTH — Jennifer Trump recently moved to Plymouth in search of one thing — a bigger kitchen.

“I needed a bigger kitchen so I could make my olive oils,” said the former Argos resident, slightly breathless from waiting on customers in her booth at the Marshall County Blueberry Festival Saturday afternoon.

Trump started making her own olive oil six years ago, after her father contracted cancer and needed to eat more healthily.

Trump’s beautiful clear bottles of oil showcase herbs grown in her own garden, mixed with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar that she gets from Italy.

“That’s part of it, the presentation,” said Trump, explaining that she likes to use her art background to create the eye-pleasing displays.

Trump’s three top-selling olive oils are the sun-dried tomato, garlic basil, and Mediterranean flavors.

“They’re all different, and they’re all good,” said Trump, smiling.

She explained that health benefits of olive oil include lower cholesterol and cleaner blood. Olive oil, she added, can be used as a butter substitute when cooking.

“It has the right kind of fat in it,” added Trump.

Making olive oil is only a hobby for Trump, as she also works another full-time job. Trump goes to four or five craft shows a year, including the Culver Lakefest and the Covered Bridge Festival. This is her fifth year at the Blueberry Festival.

Greg Billman, Trump’s assistant, also recently moved to Plymouth from Florida. A chef by trade, Billman takes obvious pleasure in helping customers with samples and cooking tips.

“Cooking and eating is a shared experience,” said Billman.

He also posses a multitude of trivia about olive oil, explaining that the balsamic vinegar in the Mediterranean olive oil is aged for 25 years in a wood barrel, much the same as wine. As the vinegar ages, he said, it absorbs some of the flavor of the wood.

Trump agreed, mentioning that the Mediterranean oil she sells is the most unique, with the most variety of flavor.

“We all have to pay attention to how we eat, and this is a great way to do it,” she said.

Trump said that she loves meeting all her customers. In addition to selling at festivals, her olive oil can be purchased and sent through the mail. Although she does not yet have a website, Trump said that she does take orders over the phone or by email. Her large bottles of olive oil are $19 each. Trump’s phone number is 574-952-1989, and her email is