Plymouth coasts past St. Joe

PLYMOUTH — There’s an old adage in coaching that says things are never quite as bad or as good as they seem.
St. Joseph’s head coach Ric Mauch saw some positives, while Plymouth boss Dave Cox referenced The General as the Lady Pilgrims blew past the Indians 56-38 at The Rock Wednesday.
“The good news is we tell them their weaknesses, but now they can see them on tape, and you can correct those weaknesses with a ‘W’,” said Cox. “That’s an old Bobby Knight adage there. Why do you have to get your butt beat to figure out there are things you can’t do well? I feel like in a game like this we’re fortunate to have some things that we didn’t do well because don’t kid yourself... we’ve still got a long way to go, and we know that. We’ve been in some battles over the years. We don’t get deceived in early December.”
Not that it’s easy to stay 100 percent focused after the kind of lead Plymouth opened up in the first quarter, either.
Following a weekend disrupted by the hubbub surrounding St. Joe’s Class 3A state football championship and down two starters at the game, the Indians scuffled to a slow start, coughing up 12 turnovers and going 0 for 5 shooting in the first frame, while Plymouth converted 8 of 14 tries for a 22-0 run that effectively put the game out of reach by the quarter break.