Plymouth area weather warning sirens not working

MARSHALL COUNTY — Residents in the Plymouth area are being advised to find an alternate source for severe weather information instead of relying on the warning sirens.

Emergency Management Director Clyde Avery said two of the siren warning systems are not working and in light of the severe weather that is forecast for the region, people need to make other arrangements.

"The outdoor warning sirens located near the race track and the one located in the park near Plymouth/Goshen trial) are not working," Avery said. "With the potential for severe weather tonight, we want to make sure people living in these areas are not relying solely on the outdoor sirens to receive an alert regarding a tornado warning."

The National Weather Service has issued a Hazardous Weather Outlook for the region. Thunderstorms are expected to develop along and north of U.S. 30 this afternoon, with the potential for severe weather including high winds, hail and torrential rain possible overnight. Tornadoes and flash flooding is also a concern.