Pioneer Drive could start carrying traffic in September

PLYMOUTH — Even a 15-day strike hasn't slowed the project on Pioneer Drive.
Reporting to the Marshall County Commissioners DLZ project engineer Ron Wireman said that even dealing with a strike that shut down work for more than two weeks likely won't push the completion date for the road back any further than the second week of September. The contractors on the project will be allowed a 15-day extension for the days lost to the work stoppage which sets the official required completion date back to Oct. 17.
Wireman told the Commissioners that barring weather or other unforeseen setbacks, he anticipated that work would be completed enough to allow traffic on the new road the second week of September.
Dirt work is currently the focus of the project with demucking of the area now complete and workers moving on to grading ditches in the area of Pioneer Drive and Jim Neu Drive.
Rieth-Riley is scheduled to return to the project for pipe structure placement for a period of around 10 days with sub-grade road surface treatment and subsurface drainage on the agenda after that. Surface paving should begin right around the end of August.
Wireman reported that the project is on schedule for it's new deadline date and that work on the road is approximately 67 percent complete.