Pink fundraising a success

PLYMOUTH — The baked goods were already selling out.
Pink cupcakes, cookies, rice crispies, and other sugary treats covered a table near the entrance of the Plymouth soccerplex Thursday night. Stacy Scheetz, faculty organizer for Plymouth High School’s Operation Leadership group, cautioned spectators entering the stadium to buy before there was nothing left.
The bake sale was part of Operation Leadership’s weeklong efforts to raise money for the Nancy Jaynes memorial scholarship. Jaynes was a teacher at PHS for 30 years before passing away due to breast cancer in 2008.
Her son, Evan Glaub, president of Operation Leadership and senior captain of the Plymouth varsity soccer team, thought a game would be the perfect opportunity to raise money for the fund. Oliver Ford and Ounce of Prevention (OOP) stepped in and donated pink jerseys for the boy’s varsity team.
The desserts for sale at the game were made by students in Operation Leadership, and other items included t-shirts, bracelets, towels, and jewelry—all decorated with a breast cancer awareness motif. Several soccer players approached the table asking about headbands, but were turned away by Scheetz — those were sold out too.
Also present during the game was hair stylist Jennie Mikesell, who installed different varieties of pink feathers in girl’s hair.
In the three days during the week that Operation Leadership sold pink items to students during lunch, they made close to $2,000, reported Scheetz. Among the top sellers were the headbands and pink hair feathers. PHS teachers also had the opportunity to wear jeans on Thursday for a donation. Scheetz said that $350 was donated by the staff.