Pilot News Movie Review: The Wolverine

PLYMOUTH - Sometimes the supporting characters are memorable. That is certainly the case with this week new release, The Wolverine.

Playing at the Tri-Way Drive In, Wolverine is the latest big screen release of one of the Marvel Comics super heroes. I am a fan of super hero movies, although Wolverine is not one of my favorites. Actor Hugh Jackman captures the character well and I am now a fan. This movie is the latest installment in Jackman’s movie role as the Wolverine, which he has been cast in since 2000, and has claimed it as his own.

While Jackman’s character is essential, I was also drawn to some of the other important characters, such as Yukio, played by Rila Fukushima. Within the first five minutes I decided she was perfect and wonderful and I wanted to be her. Not to mention her hair is amazing.

I love superhero movies a lot, and although the Wolverine is not my favorite, I can still appreciate a good movie. It was well put together and you could understand the story even without knowing anything about Wolverine. There are fight scenes, plenty of action and scenarios that test Logan’s powers.

There are the typical super hero elements that drive this movie - the world on the brink of destruction at the hands of a villain, a possible weakening of super hero power or human flaw revealed, and the clash between good and evil. The Wolverine has all of these. It is these very human failings that create the bond super hero fans have with their characters.

As with every Marvel movie there is a special scene after the credits. Make sure you don't leave.

“The Wolverine" is rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America for "sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence, some sexuality and language." Running time: 126 minutes.