PHS student-written play this weekend

PLYMOUTH — It’s a becoming a tradition that nobody wants to end.
Several years ago the Plymouth High School theater class — tired of buying scripts that they eventually ended up re-writing anyway — decided to write their own play and put it on stage. It’s something that has taken on a life of its own.
For the third year, the class presents a show they’ve written called “A World of Words” Friday and Saturday at the PHS Auditorium. Show time each night is 7 p.m.
“Several years ago, we bought a script with a bunch of sketches in it and we liked about half of them,” said Jane Faulstich, who teaches the class at Ply-mouth High School. “We used those and then re-wrote a bunch to fit our kids. We decided we could do a better job writing sketches to fit ourselves and we’ve done it ever since.”
So far, she hasn’t been disappointed.
“I don’t want it to stop,” she said. “It’s such an exciting process. Yes, it’s difficult and when we come up with the overall concept the kids have that really kind of frightened look. But then they start bringing back scripts around Christmas time and we start putting things together and it all seems to fit when we get done.”
Members of the class are given a concept and then in a creative process that resembles Saturday Night Live begin writing sketches, working on concepts and then bringing them in to audition for a place in the show.
Many of the sketches come from true experience. Just ask Christina Chipman, a junior in the class who wrote and performs in several sketches in the show, including one she penned titled, “The 12 Top Reasons I’m Glad You Dumped Me.”
“There were some names I would have liked to put in the sketch,” she said with a laugh. “I decided to keep it confidential.”
The process is an exciting one for the students as well as their teacher.
“I think it’s really cool for me to see what I’ve written get put up on stage,” said Chipman. “I’m in the journalism class and I could see myself continuing on in writing. I’ve won essay contests and things like that. Writing for the stage is a lot harder. You have be very conscious of writing something that your audience is going to enjoy.”
The Advanced Acting Class is; Sam Compton, Jordin Cook, Austin Craft, Sarah Craft, Jessie Gibbs, Stephanie Gorka, Lauren Kelso, Tayler May, Allasyn Slater, Dalton Van Dusen, Emily Walden, Rebecca Brumbaugh, Christina Chipman, Michael Gray, Olivia Hilliard, Christina Krozel, and Kelsey Shaffer.
Lighting technicians are Billie Carothers, A.J. Ruffing, and Dennis Watson. Sound Engineers are Jordan Knapp and Cody Langdon. Wing Managers are Cody Benjamin and Shaylee Vice. The backstage crew is Emily Blake, Amanda Bottomley, Andrea Bottomley, Meagan Fisher, Timothy Gomez, Colton Honeycutt, Amanda Irwin, Phil Iwinski, Christina Krozel, Sarah Mann, Daren Miller, Ashton Morrow, Trisha Neidlinger, Kori Potoczky, Stephanie Rosas, Ben Shortt, Dalton Van Dusen, Tyler Vermillion, Michael Yoder, Andrew Youst.