PHS brings Disney classic to life this weekend

PLYMOUTH — A classic comes alive on the Plymouth High School stage this weekend as the performing arts department presents the Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Friday, May 4, and Saturday, May 5.
Shows begin at 7:30 p.m. each evening are in the PHS Auditorium Doors open at 7:00 PM for festival seating. All seats are $7.00 and tickets can be purchased at the door before the show. The show is produced through arrangements with Music Theatre International.
“I really enjoy this show because it’s a chance for all the performing arts kids to come together,” said Charlotte Tyree, director of the production. “We have the instrumental music kids, the choir and the theatre kids all working together on the same show and really it’s always a lot of fun and exciting for me to have them all together for a show.”
As the Beast, Blake Miller is a veteran of music, but acting is something a little different.
“I’m in Crimson Connection so I know about singing but I’ve never had an acting class,” said Miller. “Mrs. Glaub (PHS Choir Director) encouraged me to give it a try and I thought it would be a lot of fun and it is.”
There are some key differences, such as stage directions — always keeping your face forward.
“It is a little harder than I thought it would be,” said Miller. “They’re always after me to face the audience when I’m singing or speaking. Staying in character is a little tougher than I thought it would be too.”
For Belle (Jenny Dudash) and the Beast’s Entourage — Priscilla Hammonds, Becca Houser, Cassie Gaines, Jason Pickell and Kelsey Shaffer — the show has been a lot of fun, and one scene in particular lives up to a PHS tradition — the musical number “Be Our Guest.”
“Through the years the tradition is that we are all responsible for our own costumes and we take a lot of pride in that,” said Gaines who plays Mrs. Potts. “You have all the characters out there in the costumes they’ve made and it really lives up to that tradition over the years.”
Kelsey Shaffer as “Cogsworth” had another highlight of the show.
“I can’t believe how lucky I am,” she said. “I’m getting to play my favorite clock in a Disney movie.”
Other members of the cast and crew include: Pauline Degaas, Brantlee Joseph, Kendall Cooper, Joe Brennan, Tia Merritt, Cinthia Lua, Madison Woods, Grant Rinkenberg, Katy McGrory and Christine Banghart, Grace Anders, Deborah Anders, Katelyn O’Neal, Ty Shively, Markee Farler, Tori Godwin, Kaitlyn Lenne, Nate Williams, Andrew Gerard, Hope Banghart, Macie McMichael, Tori Fox, Mandy McPherron, Emily Trump, Michael Gray, Bryce England, Rebecca Brumbaugh, Kelsey Shaffer, Jason Pickell, Olivia Hilliard, Sarah Puglisi, Shelby Pratt, Luke Bumpus, Brantlee Joseph, Tyler Switzer
The Chorus: Denise Altheide, Deborah Anders, Grace Anders, Hope Banghart, Christine Banghart, Jack Bowen, Joe Brennan, Luke Bumpus, Maggie Buza, Gianella Cerriteno, Kendall Cooper, Pauline Degaas, Cody Edge, Markee Farler, Tori Fox, Andrew Gerard, Kristen Gergely, Tori Godwin, Kara Gustafson, Katelun Hamman, Becca Harden, Austin Haynes, Missy Hill, Morgan Hite, Shylyn Ickes, Rebeca Lee, Kaitlyn Lenne, Cinthia Lua, Carrissa May, Katy McGrory, Macie McMichael, Mandy McPherron, Tia Merritt, Brianna Morrrow, Katelyn O’Neal, A.J. Ortiz, Reuben Osman, Kate Peters, Anna Piazza, Christian Radican, Grant Rinkenberg, Kylee Rippy, Gina Rodeghero, Ty Shively, Tori Thompson, Emily Trump, Jordan Vermillion, Nate Williams and Madison Woods
Specialty Dancers: Hope Banghart, Kendall Cooper, Tori Fox, Kristen Gergely, Kara Gustafson, Becca Harden, Missy Hill, Beca Lee, Cinthia Lua, Carrissa May, Macie McMichael, Mandy McPherron, Kate Peters, Kylee Rippy, Gina Rodeghero and Emily Trump
The Orchestra: Mrs. Allison Rader,Korie Rice, Nicole Splix, Elizabeth Wolford, Jacob Pritchard, Haley Balkema, Jessica Beagle, Jessica Sayer, Carly Gruett, Matthew Libersky, Sarah Tanner, Allie Tharp, Shelby Haisley, Taylor Jones, Ms. Lisa Wallyn, Jack Garrison, Lindsey Holloway, Daniel Johnson and Ben Piazza
The Stagecrew: Lighting Technicians: Denis Watson, Adam Lacefield, Tylor Borggren and Patrick Gouverneur
Sound Engineers: Jordan Knapp and Christina Krozel
Wing Managers: Shaylee Vice, Andrew Youst and Ashton Morrow
Backstage Crew: Hunter Brandt, Celeste Cook, Charles Doll, Monica Figueroa, Daniel Flynn, Evan Glaub, Tim Gomez, Marcus Gunderson, Micah Harner, Kyle Kaser, Jake Martin, Logan May, Melissa Pedavoli, Jason Pickell, Ben Shortt, Victoria Shortt, Matt Sons, Larissa Tetzloff and Jordan Wendel
Production Staff: Choreographer – Daphne Stapleton; Choral Director – Mary Pat Glaub; Drama Director – Charlotte Tyree; Orchestra Director – Bryan Ames; Technical Director – Miss Jane Faulstich.