Pastor Ramirez returns to Elkhart County

NAPPANEE — Frank Ramirez, a former Elkhart pastor, has returned to Elkhart County after 12 years, to lead the congregation at Union Center Church of the Brethren in Nappanee.
"After 12 years, in Pennsylvania, I felt like it was time to return, and I'm grateful I'm back," he stated.
Ramirez served at the Everett Church of the Bremen from 2002 until just this month, however he has been a pastor with the Brethren church since 1979.
As an English student, it was his professors, who were also serving as pastors, that drove him into pastoral studies.
"I went to college to be an English teacher, and I was encouraged by my teachers," he said. "I felt called by God to serve in this way."
Prior to his stay in Pennsylvania, Ramirez served in Elkhart from 1990 to 2002. He has preached all over the country, but continues to save energy for his passion for writing.
**For more information, see the Feb. 27 edition of the Nappanee Advance News.