Park board considers extending services

PLYMOUTH — According to a survey taken by the Plymouth Park and Recreation board last summer, there are more people utilizing the park from outside the city limits than inside the city limits.
“That survey just opened our eyes a little bit,” said board president Dave Morrow.
The board, in conjunction with the city of Plymouth, is now pursuing a movement to extend park services to Center and West township residents. If passed, the proposal will take away the need for these residents to pay an additional fee to participate in park department-sponsored activities or to rent park facilities. A petition will be circulated to registered voters in Center and West townships. After the required signatures are obtained (40 are needed in Center township, and 27 in West), a public hearing will be held and the Board of Public Works and Safety and the park board will vote on whether to allow the change.
“We are in the infant stages of (the petition),” said Morrow, adding that he plans to meet with park superintendent Mike Hite on the matter later this week.
“I think the park board is supportive of (the change) and I hope the city council is as well,” said Morrow.
Morrow said that taxes may go up slightly for residents of Center and West Township if the change is approved. The makeup of the park board also has the potential to change: one additional member from both townships will be needed in order to represent those areas.
Petitions will eventually be available in the park department office and in the city office for interested parties.