Overturned kayak causes search

PLYMOUTH — Emergency responders were dispatched to the back of River Park just off Baker Street Tuesday morning when a concerned citizen located an overturned kayak in the Yellow River.
Plymouth Police and Fire & EMS located the kayak partially submerged in the river, several feet from the shoreline.
Several options were tried in an effort to pull the get the boat out of the water, and eventually emergency responders from the fire department lassoed the kayak and drug it to shore. There was no one in the boat and it appeared to responders that no one was around it.
The Culver Dive Team arrived on scene and drove its motor boat up and down the river for several trips looking for someone on the banks or in the water. The only thing they located was a paddle.
Police Chief Jim Cox said emergency responders were dispatched Sunday at 3:15 p.m. to the area behind the sledding hill in Centennial Park for an overturned kayak in the river. Crews located the boat and owner who had been kayaking in the river, even though the water was high from flooding. That owner said a second kayak had gotten away higher up river.
Emergency crews are reminding boaters to let someone know where they are going and approximately when they will be home. If they lose their boat, canoe, or kayak they should contact the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department with the information to avoid unnecessary dangers to emergency responders. It was also suggested that the owner mark their property.