'Operation Bright Spot' launches, goal to clean up city

PLYMOUTH — Mayor Mark Senter announced Friday that he and other city officials will be “turning up the heat” when it comes to dealing with abandoned motels, apartment buildings, gas stations, mobile homes, and houses in the city of Plymouth. The effort has been dubbed “Operation Bright Spot” and focuses on city properties badly in need of repair, removal, or some other action.
“The abandoned Plymouth Motel is one example of blight on our west side,” said Senter. “It has been a big attraction for vandals and squatters the last several years.”
Senter also included the old Clark Station at East Jefferson and Randolph Streets, the old Franklin Iron area on Garro Street, Park Jefferson Apartments, and the Economy Inn (formerly Villager and Motel 6) on Michigan Street as areas that need help. He said that these eyesores bring down property values for the city of Plymouth and may pose health concerns. Although not dilapidated, Senter also mentioned the half-built Comfort Suites building on Michigan Street.
“I often get questions about the unfinished Comfort Suites, and I assure you that actions have already taken place to get some answers from those involved,” said Senter.
Another area that citizens have complained about is Park Jefferson Apartments. Senter said that he has been sent pictures from concerned citizens of trash sitting outside the apartment complex.
“It’s time to take a stand against the owners of these decrepit businesses,” said Senter, adding that he will be forming a committee to examine the problems further and come up with a definitive action plan.
To begin, building commissioner Keith Hammonds, Jerry Fussell of the Marshall County Health Department, and Senter visited the city of New Haven east of Fort Wayne last week to examine their plans for mobile home park inspections and improvements. New Haven is working with Allen County Code Enforcement officers as well as the health department to assist in a better living environment for residents of mobile home parks.
The process will be ongoing, with careful attention paid to following city and county ordinances.