Officers to enforce safety rules

BREMEN — Bremen Police want to remind several parents that they are violating safety rules before and after school. And they intend to do something about it — which could mean tickets for many drivers that are defying town ordinance 62.01.
“Heavy traffic in front of the elementary/middle school on west South Street and the high school on Grant Street during school opening and closing has created some potential hazards for our children,” said Bremen Police Chief Matt Hassel. “One big problem is motorists dropping off and picking up their children by stopping in the middle of the road and that’s creating a truly dangerous safety risk for the children.”
The town ordinance specifies that drivers must pull within 12 inches of the curb to stop, stand or park to pick up or drop off a child.
Chief Hassel suggests the following tips to parents and caregivers transporting children:
• Use extreme caution while driving in the area.
• Follow the instructions of the crossing guards.
• Do not stop, stand or park on the travel portion or middle of the roadway to drop off or pick up children; pull to the curb.
• Do not stop, stand or park on a crosswalk — nor within 20 feet of a crosswalk — to drop off or pick up children.
“Cooperation would be greatly appreciated and will comply with Indiana State Law,” Chief Hassel said. “Let’s put the safety of our children first.”