Oak Road construction 'getting close' to an end

PLYMOUTH — Perhaps one of the biggest traffic hassles in Plymouth, the Oak Road construction project, is nearing a conclusion according to project engineer Gary Fox.
“We’re getting real close now,” said Fox Wednesday, adding that their target completion date for the project is mid-November.
Fox said that the west two lanes of Oak Road are completed, and workers are currently placing sidewalks and doing reconstruction. In the next week, work will begin on the east lanes, pushing traffic onto the newly finished west lanes.
Drivers may have noticed that the west side of the road is now significantly higher than the east side. Fox said that this is being done to essentially level out the road, taking away the hill toward the intersection of Hoham Dr. and Oak Rd. (the three-way stop).
Another addition to the area is a traffic light at the intersection between the Wal-Mart and Kmart shopping centers.
Fox said that “everything seems to be working out okay” with the traffic in the construction area.
“It’s just a matter of people getting acclimated to (the traffic),” said Fox. “It will be much better by the time (the road) is finished, believe me. That’s something to look forward to.”
Fox said that he has not received any complaints from businesses about the construction project. He added that he hopes any problems will be offset by a possible increase in business once the road is finished.
Fox said that the construction was broken into three phases: the two sides of the road and the intersection at the three-way stop. The last phase will be the intersection, which Fox said will begin in a few weeks. Once the project is completed, the new road (between U.S. 30 and the Hoham Dr./Oak Rd. intersection) will have two south-bound lanes, two north-bound lanes, and a center turning lane.