Nursing home gets 'report card from state'

PLYMOUTH — When a loved one moves into a nursing home, friends and family want to know that they will be safe and well cared for. One of the ways families can find a good nursing home is by looking at the number of deficiencies the establishment has received in its yearly state inspection. A deficiency could be as big as a health code violation or as small as a single insect.
Pilgrim Manor in Plymouth has been deficiency-free for the past two years, a fact that they are very proud of. Dawn Fogle, activities director, attributes their success to teamwork.
“All of our department heads have a backup and we all work together,” said Fogle. The goal is not actually to get a perfect survey. The one goal that we have is to make sure the residents are taken care of and perfectly happy.”
Pilgrim Manor has an average of 56 residents at any given time, according to Fogle. The max that they have room for is 71.
“To get a deficiency-free is not easy,” noted Fogle. “They are saying that for one year we have done everything that the state mandates. It’s basically a report card from the state.”
Pilgrim Manor residents and staff celebrated their second year in a row of being deficiency-free Saturday afternoon. The Marshall County 4-H Drill Team and the Culver Bagpipers and Drummers both performed, (the first time that both groups have visited Pilgrim Manor), and refreshments were served. Reverend Rose Woodke, Indiana State Police chaplain, gave an inspirational message to the residents.
Woodke told the residents that although they may not be able to work any longer, they could still help each other and pray for each other.
“I hope you realize that you’re just as valuable to today as when you were young,” said Woodke.