No more excuses

Maggie Nixon is Managing Editor of the Pilot News Group:
Second verse, same as the first...
This week, much like last week, flashed by and before I knew it, it was time to sit down and write about my goals I accomplished for a healthier me this week.
Well, I hit none of them to be honest. How embarrassing is it to admit that? My weight has maintained, because while I haven’t made many changes, that includes both for better or worse. So I guess I could say it’s been a successful week a way that I haven’t gained.
Sunday I planned to start my first weekend of indoor volleyball league, but a slip on the slushy snow Saturday morning left my wrist in throbbing pain, so I had to sit it out.
Too much desk work, too little time made to exercise, feeling a little sluggish and under the weather all helped to make this week one I’d like to soon forget. I did make time to see my son Nate wrestle twice (he won both times, with a pin at Warsaw Edgewood yesterday, yay!) and Elijah play basketball once (he also won against Rochester). The most beneficial to my exercise plan that those games provided is that we parked pretty far away for the home meet at Lincoln. Like Lydia will tell you today (at right), parking farther away and walking to our destination may not seem like much, but at least it’s something.
I did actually make it out to the LifePlex once for some time in the pool, sauna and steam room, after Nate’s meet. It’s not the level of exercise I need, but again, at least it’s something, right?
For the week coming up, my theme is NO MORE EXCUSES. I seem to have my food in check, so now it’s time for the gym, more than once this week!

Lydia Beers is a Staff Writer with the Pilot News Group:
This week flashed by so quickly that I have to confess I barely gave a thought to fitness or nutrition. I could tell you what I ate, but I don’t really remember! Since I have this contest on the brain, though, I’ve been doing things like: walking instead of driving (as long as it’s not snowing or something equally horrible), parking far away from stores instead of vying for the closest spot, and chosing fruits and vegetables for snacks more often.
I also went to my favorite class this week, yoga. It was great as usual, but I was shocked to see nearly 30 people attending instead of the usual 10 or so. It was fun to see so many people interested in one of my favorite activities, including a few kids! I suspect that the Best Loser contest is bringing more people to the gym in this last week before the middle weigh-in.
Speaking of the weigh-in, I’m actually pretty excited to see if I’ve lost any weight. I don’t own a scale so I’m not sure if I’ve lost weight since this contest started. At this point I realize that it’s going to take a more concentrated effort on my part if I’m expecting to meet my goals in the next couple of months. So, I’m hoping that this coming week won’t be as hectic and I’ll be able to get out there more. I’d love to spend time outside if the weather permits.
As I’m writing this on Friday afternoon, it’s currently SNOWING! This winter has been one of the best, in my opinion, with hardly any snow. But I’m still Jonesing for summer and the days where you actually ENJOY going outside to walk/run/play sports/do whatever you do. It just seems so much easier to be active when you can do it in the great outdoors. I’m crossing my fingers for sun (and heat) this week!