Next step for Park Jefferson

PLYMOUTH — Pending a meeting with the owner Friday, city officials plan to board up Park Jefferson Apartments on West Jefferson Street in Plymouth.
Building commissioner Keith Hammonds came before the Board of Public Works and Safety Monday to ask permission to take the next step with the property. Last month, the location was deemed “unfit for human habitation” by the Marshall County Health Department and all residents were vacated.
City attorney Sean Surrisi said that he had been in contact with the owner of the property and “he indicated that he is embarrassed by its condition.”
Surrisi added that the owner has health problems preventing him from taking care of the degrading property sooner, but that he had agreed to meet with Hammonds, Surrisi, and Mayor Mark Senter Friday to discuss the situation. According to Surrisi, the owner might be interested in selling the property.
Park Jefferson is just one of the city properties that Senter has identified in his “Operation Bright Spot” list that the city has targeted as “eyesores” or “unsafe/nuisances” and is in the process of contacting owners for further action. Other properties on the list include the Plymouth Motel, the Economy Inn, and the old Clark station on Randolph and Jefferson Streets.