New offender monitoring system coming soon

MARSHALL COUNTY — Devices that will instantly measure an offender’s blood alcohol level will be utilized in Marshall County.

Ward Byers, Court Services, brought a contract before the Marshall County Commissioners for their approval. The contract is for alcohol monitoring with BI Corporation.

“What this contract is going to be able to do for us, if approved,” said Byers, “is to expand our alcohol monitoring on our offenders. This will allow us to have both, what is called a scram or a transdermal ankle bracelet which is a continuous alcohol monitoring of the more high risk alcohol offenders. Or we’ll be able to use what is called a silver-link unit, the best way for you to visualize that is the portable breath test units that the police use.”

The system would allow Byers to set up a schedule for the offender to provide a sample. The offender would not know the schedule but would receive notification from the unit that it was time to provide a sample. At the time of providing a sample the unit will take a photo of the offender, record the blood alcohol level and send up a GPS signal so the department knows where the offender is located.