New destination for juvenile offenders in '12

PLYMOUTH — Juvenile offenders in Marshall County may have farther to go before they reach their destination in 2012, according to county attorney Jim Clevenger’s report to the county commissioners Monday.
Clevenger suggested that the commissioners consider holding juveniles in the detention center in Delaware county rather than the current location in Porter County. The center in Delaware County has a cheaper per night rate, and they also offer additional resources in the way of transportation and psychiatric services.
Marshall County currently has an agreement with the Porter County detention center reserving three beds in their facility. The cost for juveniles to be held there is $110 each night, according to Clevenger. The Delaware County facility only charges $89 per night, and they also have security staff available to pick up juveniles from Marshall County and transport them. In addition, the Delaware County center may provide additional psychiatric help to juveniles that stay there.
Clevenger explained that according to federal law, juvenile offenders could not be held in a facility where they are able to see or hear adult prisoners. He added that he thinks the Delaware County facility is bigger and more “detention-oriented” whereas the Porter County facility is more “counseling-like.”
After agreement from the commissioners, Clevenger stated that he would draft a notice for the Porter County detention center informing them that the county would not be contracting them next year.

In other business:
• Clyde Avery, Marshall County Emergency Management Agency director, said that his department had received an additional grant in the amount of $3, 378.37. The grant will be used to further develop the EMA program in the county.
• Ron Wireman of DLZ Engineering reported that after a few more minor erosion fixes, the Pioneer Dr. construction project would be finished. The road has already been open to traffic for more than a week. Wireman said that he would like to thank the county for contracting DLZ for the project. Commissioners Overmyer and Roose also thanked Wireman, stating that he did a good job on the project. • Marshall County Sheriff Tom Chamberlin again visited the commissioners to update them on his search for new fleet vehicles. Chamberlin said that he had been quoted $22, 894 each for three 2011 Ford Crown Victorias from Oliver Ford, but that the actual price could be as much as $200 more per car when they are actually purchased. Chamberlin is trying to obtain the vehicles at a lower price, but ultimately said that he could accept paying a little more for them.
“At this point I’m still interested in the vehicles,” said Chamberlin. “$200 more per car, I could live with. I think it would be a great savings to the county.”
He said that transferring the accessories the department has from one Ford to another is much cheaper than changing the make and model of the cars used in the fleet.
Chamberlin’s request asking the council for permission to use part of next year’s budget for vehicle equipment to purchase the three vehicles was approved.