New AHS site launches first wave of searchable, vintage Culver Citizens

Many months of planning and hard work are coming to fruition as the first ten years' worth of a planned digitization of the complete back catalog of The Culver Citizen newspaper is now available, fully searchable and readable, online.

The collection is part of the launch of a new website for the Antiquarian and Historical Society of Culver, (replacing the past site,, though that address will remain active for a time during transition to the new site).

A complete run of the 1960 through 1969 Culver newspaper can be viewed on the site. The 1960s papers were chosen, according to present-day Citizen editor Jeff Kenney, who has been a collaborator on the project, first and foremost for their initial availability when the project launched last year, though the decade represents a logical starting point of 50 years back in the newspaper's 130-plus year existence.

"The amount of information -- photographic and textual -- contained in The Culver Citizen through the years is absolutely invaluable," Kenney says, adding that in addition to a handful of other published materials, the Citizen contains the vast majority of historical information ever gathered about Culver and its people, places, and events.

Thanks to discoveries at the offices of the Pilot News Group, whose cooperation and permission in and for the project is deeply appreciated, says Kenney, the next wave of digitzation has already begun with the earliest issues of the paper, the 1890s, and will move forward in time with the papers available.

The site will be home to much more than just The Culver Citizen, however. Already most of the quarterly newsletters published by the Antiquarian Society since its 1996 inception are available for reading and full-text searching on the site, as are a growing roster of Culver area church directories, yearbooks, full-text books, and other materials.

Kenney notes those wishing to browse such materials should click on “Galleries,” while news and information related to the AHS and its museum is available under appropriately marked links (“Museum,” “News and Updates,” etc.) from the home-page as well.

It’s planned to include other publications, photos, and some special surprises aimed at generating a fully searchable digital repository of historical information and images related to the history of the town of Culver, Lake Maxinkuckee, Culver Academies, and the surrounding areas, including Monterey. will also act as an all-around portal for Antiquarian news, updates, information, and more. Upcoming Society and museum events, membership information and much more will be accessible through the site, while the Society’s Facebook page (search for “AHS Culver” on Facebook) will direct “social networkers” to updates to the site.