Nappanee to expand coverage to Union Township

NAPPANEE — Members of the Nappanee Board of Public Works and Safety voted Dec. 10 to expand Union Township fire coverage to include automatic assistance from Nappanee Paramedic Emergency Services.
The decision will not increase the already-approved annual contract with the township in the amount of $10,300.
Nappanee Mayor Larry Thompson stated the decision was made not only for the protection of the city volunteer firemen responding, but also to have Emergency Medical Technicians onsite to assist with any victims suffering from encounters with smoke and fire.
In addition to the township’s annual contracted payment, Union Township residents are individually billed by the Nappanee Fire Department when city fire fighters are called to their homes to help compensate for the costs of response. That policy will continue.
Board of Works members stressed that the township’s annual cost for the City of Nappanee to provide fire coverage will not increase with the addition of the paramedic emergency responders arriving with fire fighters.
Word of the decision was sent to Elkhart County Emergency Dispatch — which now receives all Nappanee 911 calls and then tones out the appropriate emergency responders. County dispatch will also be notified that Nappanee Fire Department is to be the first summoned to fire calls within their current district, and as far east of the city as C.R. 17 for several miles north of U.S. 6.
Previously the volunteer Foraker Fire Department — located within Union Township — also covered the area of C.R. 17 as far south as U.S. 6. It was determined that because Nappanee Fire Department travels straight east on U.S. 6 — a major highway — response time would be swift and not prohibited by county road speed limits and stop signs.
Foraker Fire Department will still be among the first called upon when additional departments are needed.
Storm water drainage on Stahly Street will undergo an update to better the process.
An error with the original drainage installation has been found and is in need of rehabilitation. Board members approved $5,100 to purchase needed materials for the project. Beer & Slabaugh Incorporated, Nappanee, originally performed the work and will volunteer labor at no cost for the rehabilitation project.
Nappanee Waste Water Treatment Plant will receive a contractor from Astbury Water Tech, Indianapolis, to oversee all certified operations until a qualified full-time worker is hired.
Monthly cost for the contractor will be $2,500.
Four Nappanee businesses were among six area contractors who presented proposals for the Nappanee Center Rehabilitation Project. Estimated costs presented by each contractor ranged from $56,962 to $89,900.
All proposals were taken under advisement and will be reviewed before the next meeting when a final decision is expected to be made.
MEETING changed
The next regularly scheduled Nappanee Board of Public Works and Safety meeting has been moved from Dec. 24 to Dec. 26 in observance of the Christmas Eve holiday. It will begin at 3:30 p.m. Meetings take place inside the Nappanee Municipal Building, 300 W. Lincoln St., and are open to the public.