Musical honors grads, scholarship winner

BOURBON — Triton’s spring music concert not only entertained the crowd in the audience but also served to honor outgoing seniors and a scholarship winner. Musical Director Peter Foster explained that each outgoing senior choir and band members would get a plaque, a rose to give to a loved one, as well as a school letter. And when each student was issued the tokens, Foster gave descriptions of the student’s activities or plans for their future before offering his own sincere sentiments. “This group (of seniors) has been with me since the eighth grade,” he said. He also regaled the groups for the awards they received at competitions — most of them being golds. “This night can be called ‘an evening of bragging,;” he said.
A music scholarship, offered to one music student from Triton, was awarded to Thomas Eiser. Eiser, along with Skyler Golden, later presented Foster with a new baton to remember the class by.
Junior high students were also commended for their winnings as was the elementary band. Foster also selected the “top” seventh and eight grade musicians based on their individual performance with the following results:
Top seventh grade choir member was Brent Motz; top eight grade choir member was Sam Schuler; top seventh grade band member was Chance Pflueger and top eighth grade band member was Kane Coomer.
Senior band members included: Thomas Eiser, Lindsay Ganshorn, Skyler Golden, Aaron Haines, Zachary Harris, Ashley Kann, Autti McKenna, Sarah Stichter, Jacob Stouder, and Arian Trowbridge.
Senior choir members included: Erica Beatty, Courtney Campbell, Ryley Cripps, Kristian Erhardtsen, Gaby Gonzalez, Tobias Kinzel, Jodie Lemler, Kali Marks, Anthony Salazar, Chris Sechrist, Aundrea Sellers, and Chandler Tracy.