'Music in the Park' benefit coming May 5

Listeners can enjoy music from Chad Van Herk Saturday, May 5 from 2-4 p.m. at the Young Amphitheater in Plymouth’s Centennial Park, cattycorner from the High School. Chad has organized this live performance to raise monies for the Ingram family whose youngest son Trek Atlas has been diagnosed with Niemann Pick Type A, a frustratingly rare, incurable genetic disease which claims the life of those who are so-diagnosed by the age of three.
Tickets are only $10 at the gate on the day of the show, but they can also be purchased in advance either directly from Chad or at his website www.chadvanherk.com, where donations can also be made. You may also learn more about the Ingrams at www.babytrekatlast.com where donations can be made directly to the Ingrams.