Motorists cautioned as Lincoln Highway re-opens

PLYMOUTH — Lincoln Highway will open once again on Saturday — but motorists would be advised to proceed with caution.
Crews have had the road shut down to work on the new Pioneer Drive that will connect S.R. 17 with U.S. 30 and crosses Lincoln Highway. At the point the roads intersect will be a new four-way stop, and motorists are being advised to be aware of the new stop.
Signs will be placed in the area to warn of the upcoming stop. While Pioneer is not yet open for crossing traffic, drivers on Lincoln Highway will still be stopping in the interim.
“They’ll probably wonder why they are stopping but it’s not a bad thing that they will have several weeks to get used to it before there’s actually crossing traffic,” said Ron Wireman of DLZ, construction engineer on the project.
The large orange warning signs will also remain in the area for 60 days to warn motorists of the new stop.
Work continues on schedule for the new road with asphalt being laid from the railroad to Lincoln Highway and in the 9th Road connector and cul-de-sac. Signs have been placed in the area and Wireman discussed with the Marshall County Commissioners the possibility of placing deer crossing signs in the area.
Crews were continuing to concentrate their efforts in the Lincoln Highway area to complete work that would enable crews to open the road by the Saturday deadline. Wireman said that other completed portions of the project would be opened to traffic in the next two to three weeks.
As work will be taking place on S.R. 17, motorists should be aware that traffic will restricted, but not closed. Drivers should be aware of flagmen in the area of construction.