More than 150 students vaccinated following LaVille chicken pox outbreak

LAKEVILLE — The Union-North School Corporation announced an outbreak of chicken pox at LaVille Elementary last Monday. The school took quick action, reporting the cases to the county health department and holding vaccination clinics Tuesday and Wednesday at the school. Health department nurse Susan Lechlitner said that about 150 students were vaccinated.
“Parents were frustrated but everyone worked through it,” said LaVille Elementary School nurse Lisa Aschenbrenner. “They know we are here to keep the kids safe and healthy.”
Aschenbrenner said that the eight students affected included both those who had been vaccinated in the past and those who had not. She explained that in the past, kindergarten, first, and sixth grade students have been required to get two chicken pox vaccinations, while students in grades 2-5 were only required to receive one. Now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has changed that requirement so that students in grades K-6 must all receive two chickenpox vaccinations.
“We are following the Indiana state guidelines,” said Aschenbrenner.
She added that five cases of chickenpox is considered an outbreak. According to LaVille Elementary principal John Farthing, the school was in contact with the health department after they noticed three cases.
Currently, all students are again healthy and attending school. Union-North interim superintendent Julie Lauck said that she believes the outbreak was handled well, partly due to the health department and the school’s ability to work together effectively.