Mock trials teaches Wakarusa youth consequences

WAKARUSA — On the morning of Friday, March 14, two buses filled with Wakarusa Elementary fifth graders drove away from school and into the brilliant burst of sunshine - their destination, the Elkhart County Courthouse.
This was not a tale about wayward youth running afoul of the law. Quite the opposite, in fact, as it was a day for the students to learn about the workings of the court system and to discover what becomes of incarcerated offenders. The morning began with a visit to Superior Court Judge Evan Roberts's courtroom and ended with a stop at the Elkhart County Jail. During the course of the day, the children were encouraged to ask questions in an effort to better comprehend the process through which trials convene and commence. The scholars asked many thought provoking questions, ranging from asking for an explanation between a felony and a misdemeanor to the criteria used to select a jury.

**For more information, check out the March 26 edition of the Nappanee Advance News.