Meth labs found near Washington Elementary

PLYMOUTH — The remnants of two meth labs were discovered in the woods behind Washington Elementary School during spring break, according to a report from the Plymouth Community School Corporation Wednesday.
The school was notified of the situation by a parent. They have roped off the area and are taking steps to ensure students do not enter the woods during recess.
An environmental management firm will be assessing the area and advising the school on an appropriate response. Parents of Washington Elementary students have been informed of the situation.
Plymouth police chief Jim Cox said that items found in the woods were paraphernalia associated with making meth. The Indiana State Police were called to clean up the items, but Cox said there is no way to investigate the situation further.
"We are checking all wooded areas at this time, because now that people are out mushroom hunting we will get a slew of calls," said Cox.
He advised that anyone who finds suspicious items should contact the police department and not attempt to pick up or dispose of the items themselves.