Mayor hosts an ‘Unforgettable’ ball

PLYMOUTH — Each year, the Mayor of Plymouth holds a ball to benefit a local charity.
During the event held Saturday night at Christos Banquet Hall, Mayor Mark Senter pledged the proceeds to Heminger House Women and Children’s Shelter.
Senter said, “As the Mayor of Plymouth, I am always impressed with the charitable hearts that live in our community. We all need to join together to support those who have found themselves in need of assistance.”
In speaking of the Heminger House, Senter said, “In September, 2008, the dream (of a shelter) came to fruition. It has not been empty since it has been opened.”
The Heminger House has helped 281 women and children leave abusive homes to date.
Donations received are used for food, emergency clothing, monthly utility bills, phone service for a hotline, staff salaries, and internet access. Funding also provides needed classes to help victims such as the ESCAPE (educated, supported, counseled, ad-vised, protected) program.
Presiding over the ball themed “Unforgettable” along with Mayor Senter was his wife Leanne. Entertainment for evening was provided by Dan Heath with the Paradise Band.
Several businesses gave donations for the event to help with costs. Next year’s ball has already been scheduled for Nov. 19.