Marshall County records go online: new system allows viewing and printing records from home

PLYMOUTH — Residents of Marshall County will no longer need to pay a visit to the county recorder’s office to search for a specific record in the near future. Instead, individuals will be able to search the records from their home computer for $5.95 per search—and print the desired document for $1 each.
This service is expected to start in September, after the recorder’s office completes the switch to FIDLAR Technologies from their previous software provided by Manatron, Inc. This switch will not only make the county records available online, preserving them in case of a natural disaster, but it will also save the county $23,000 in yearly maintenance fees. Marlene Mahler, recorder, reported Monday in the Marshall County commissioners meeting that Manatron, Inc., charged the county $32,000 each year for maintenance, while FIDLAR Technologies will only charge $9,000 each year. Mahler also commented that after visiting other Indiana counties that are using FIDLAR software, she is convinced that FIDLAR is the best choice for Marshall County.
“I have chosen the system I think will be best for our office,” said Mahler.
The funds to do the system conversion will come from the perpetuation fund, said Mahler, essentially costing her budget and the county, nothing.
“It’s actually no cost to the regular budget, and no cost to you,” said Mahler to the county commissioners during the meeting.
In addition to pay-per-search, FIDLAR also offers a $50/month subscription to parties who expect heavy search usage of the record database. Also, FIDLAR provides a property fraud alert service, free to residents of Marshall County. Their system will notify an individual by email or phone when a deed is recorded with their name on it, preventing criminals from using other’s homes as collateral on a mortgage or attempting to sell other’s homes to unsuspecting buyers. This service will be available to any resident interested in filling out the paperwork after the system switch is complete, said Mahler later.
Free searches of the county records database are still available by visiting the recorder’s office in the Marshall County Building, room 201. Printing of the records is $1 per page.
Also in the commissioners meeting Monday:
• EMA director Clyde Avery reported that he has distributed several of the all hazard emergency alert radios to various organizations in the county including Boys & Girls Clubs, Amish schools, libraries, older adult living facilities, and daycares. Avery reminded the commissioners about the annual radio programming day Saturday, July 16 from 7 a.m.-noon at Martin’s Super Market, open to the public.
• Sheriff Tom Chamberlin requested a partial road closing for the Bremen Kiwanis Kid’s Triathlon from 9-11 a.m. Saturday, July 16. The roads affected are Elm Rd. south of 3rd and 3rd Rd. east of Woody’s Lane. The commissioners approved the request for restricted lane usage during that time. Chamberlin also requested permission to continue looking for an additional fleet car, to replace one that had been involved in a traffic accident. Commissioners advised him to attempt to save working equipment from the damaged car, which he said that he plans to do. Chamberlin said that he has been checking dealers for an appropriate vehicle, but that the selection is sparse.