Maple Syrup Festival competitions bring in contestants statewide

WAKARUSA -- The Maple Syrup Festival was held last weekend in downtown Wakarusa. Visitors came from across the state to check out the parade, concerts, shows, vendors and food and many competed in free competitions sponsored by local companies.
Free kettle-cooked popcorn was a hot commodity, with the Boy Scouts troop handing them out to everyone on the street. It was sponsored by Interra Credit Union.
"By Saturday night, we'd served 1,100 bags of popcorn," Deb Shively, Wakarusa Chamber of Commerce Director, said, explaining that the turnout was even more than that.
Shows saw up over 70 people in attendance and many picnic tables and sitting areas were full at any given time due to the sheer number of people who came out to the Maple Syrup Festival this weekend.
"Standing room only down at the circus shows was awesome," Shively added.

** To read the entire story, see the May 1 edition of the Nappanee Advance News.