Making downtown a destination vetted at Revitalization meeting

PLYMOUTH — “Let’s make downtown more exciting,” said new member to the Downtown Revitalization Committee George Schricker at their Sept. 3 meeting.

He suggested making downtown an exciting destination for people.

“We could do restaurants in the area to bring in residents,” he suggested.

Member Dave Morrow stated that the committee will soon be working to move phase II of the project, which includes starting work on Laporte Street.

A topic brought before the committee was the suggestion to do a bicycle assessment of all the paths into the downtown area, as suggested by Schricker, as well as taking a look at dangerous crossings for bikers at both the east and west sides of town.

“Maybe downtown needs a bike rack, to get them out of the way, and nice to have for people who want to leave their bike downtown while they go shopping,” he stated.

Mayor Mark Senter stated that the committee would look into it and consider possibly utilizing a parking space for the rack.

Committee member Mark Gidley said he felt that there would be an increase in foot and bike traffic once the bridge for the Greenway Trail is opened, and that this shift would be a positive effect.

“I think the amount of people that are going to ride all the way from Centennial to downtown, I think that’s going to become a major route in and out of town,” said Gidley.

Gidley also spoke about what would first need to happen amongst the rental properties to get the neighborhoods into shape.

“We have no rental housing code enforcement, so we’ve got all these landlords that own these rental houses out in these neighborhoods. They look like hell, they’re run down like hell. And we don’t have any way of making people get these things up to code,” said Gidley, who suggested that there needs to be code enforcement in terms of structures.