Looking up in Wonder

From the front lines
A Circulation blog
When I drive in each morning, now that springtime is melting into summer, the sun is usually already arisen.
In the wintry weather, it was all dark. Then, slowly, a minute at at time each day, it got a little lighter until I was driving in at the dawn and heading out at dusk.
Lately, there have been fabulous clouds. My friends in San Diego call them sun dogs for some reason
I simply call them beautiful. A friend here at the newsstand who drives in from Culver mentioned them beauty of the Almighty’s work in coloring. I told him, once fine day, I actually lay down on the grass and enjoyed the grey. It was platinum light, with subtle shades and nuances; so to say I enjoyed a grey sky was correct. It was as beautiful as the pink ones I usually teach morning.
I like to have a drive. It gives me a chance on the way in to almost organize my mind. It gives me a chance on the way home to exhale and let out the bad stuff.
I tell my carrier folks no that this is their time of year. Not too hot, sometimes a little damp, but always enjoyable. They get to walk mostly in the sunshine in real hometown neighborhoods or drive the legendary trails once blazed by Indians, then other settlers in the midlands. What could be a better job? Outdoors, in a neighborhood on familiar streets.
Our job is really not that hard (but don’t tell anyone) and we now have a lineup of backup delivery folks for most routes. That many people want to work with me, which is a good feeling.
We all deliver for each other, each in his own way Sometimes, it is the Great Skypainter who makes our day. It is never a bad thing to look up in wonder. Just enjoy the show.

I often say the newspaper delivery folks with whom I work are the front line of the newspaper. These are the men and women the customers meet and all they know about who works at the paper, for the most part. They are all part of the hometown community and, for the most part, enjoy working in their own neighborhoods.