Look deep enough to see the real game

Warm during the day and cool in the evening usually signifies football season is here, but that was not the case the first weekend in June.
Wearing shorts and a T-shirt in the afternoon with the sun shining was perfect, but once the evening came, so did doubling up on sweatshirts and grabbing coats and blankets to keep warm to watch the baseball games.
Skyler played in a tournament in Mentone May 31-June 2 that saw Mother Nature drop 6 inches of rain Friday night, delaying games by only an hour on Saturday.
Sunday we spent the day and witnessed the temperature differences at the Mentone Little League diamonds.
Our first game Sunday we were able to pull out a 2-1 win over New Paris in the last inning, which brought a four-hour break before the championship game.
This was our first chance for a team cookout.
As soon as the game was over parents were back at the vehicles preparing for the meal.
Dads were around the grills talking about the game, and moms setting up the tables and arranging the other dishes for everyone to share.
The boys were standing in line as the burgers and dogs came off the grill.
After filling my plate and grabbing a seat, it was neat to look around and see everyone with smiles on their faces as they fellowshipped together.
Our family is very thankful for this opportunity.
While Skyler was playing Sunday morning, Lea Ann was with Brant watching him play at Coveleski Stadium – The Cove – home of the South Bend Silver Hawks.
The Indiana Chargers 13U and 14U teams were part of a charity event to raise money to further help research Batten’s Disease.
Batten’s Disease is short for Spielmeyer-Vogt-Sjögren-Batten Disease (more information at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batten_disease).
Tyler Allman, a 12-year-old from Mishawaka, was diagnosed with Batten’s Disease at a young age and was on hand to watch the games.
After the game on Sunday, Brant and his teammates were able to meet Tyler and his family and get a few pictures. This was a very good experience for the team!
Sunday evening Skyler finished up his tournament with a 10-0 win in the championship game.
Monday and Tuesday allowed all of us to watch Brant and remember why he was playing at The Cove.
It was a great experience to play on a field of that nature, and also a good time for everyone to remember how blessed we are.
Often we take for granted the abilities we are blessed with.
Seeing Tyler at the game and cheering for both teams was a sight for sore eyes.
We often get caught up in who is winning the game and rarely look deep enough to see the game being played by some very talented young people.
The next time you are at a ballgame I challenge you to look at the game being played rather than just the outcome.
Our family was very fortunate and thankful to have had this opportunity and will strive to always remember how blessed we really are!
Mast, a lifelong Nappanee resident, works in the accounting department of Mark Line Industries in Bristol. He also covers sports for The Advance News.