Life on the sea leads to music; hometown

PLYMOUTH — It’s highly unlikely that Chad Van Herk has ever suffered from boredom.
The PHS grad and Marshall County native and singer/songwriter has just released his second album of songs “Daydreaming Days Away” but his musical pursuits are just part of an amazingly eventful young life. Born in the British Virgin Islands, Van Herk has probably spent more of his life on the sea than dry land.
At the ripe old age of 6 months, Chad and his parents circumnavigated the globe on the family sailboat. After graduating from Ball State University Chad bought a sailboat of his own and lived another dream of returning to the sea for a time, taking a sabbatical to sail as far as Grenada.
After their adventures circling the earth, Chad’s parents moved to Plymouth to be sure their children received a good education without the distractions of the sea and it was here that he discovered music.
“I wanted to learn to play some Led Zepplin,” he said with a laugh. “It started with piano lessons in junior high and I didn’t like it all that much. It always seemed I had found something fun to do outside when my mom would call me in for my lesson. I wouldn’t hurry in all that fast.”

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Hear and purchase Chad’s music at his website or iTunes and Napster.