Let the planting begin

PLYMOUTH — With the weather heating up, JESSE students from around the area put on their gardening gloves for the day.
Brandi Schoolman, Tyler Vasquez and Taylor Langford joined up with Johnna Ramer and Marsha St. Cin to do a little hard labor in preparation of the harvest to come. The group started spreading new soil in beds at the Community Garden next to the Farmer’s Market in preparation of planting produce and flowers for the coming summer.
Ramer was able to procure a grant from the Marshall County Community Foundation to pay for the fresh soil for growing and to put in a new water source closer to the garden.
“We purchased the soil from Joe Batcho and the city will be putting in our new water spigot,” said Ramer. “The old spigot is clear down at the corner and we’ve been carrying water in buckets all the way down here. It will be nice to have a source right here in the garden.”
The JESSE students along with the Marshal Starke Development Center, Boys & Girls Club and the Adams Street kids tend the beds of produce for the summer harvesting the vegetables for donation to the food pantry at the Marshall County Neighborhood Center.