LaVille Schools purchasing used school buses

LAPAZ/LAKEVILLE — The Union-North United School Corporation approved to purchase two used school buses, a 2006 model at $25,000 and a 1997 bus at $4,000 that will be used as extra buses according to the needs of the corporation.

The Board approved $8,040 for personnel ECA positions for the 2014 to 2015 school year, as well as terminating the employment of Ginger Holbert and Elizabeth Horvath as part-time Title I Aides. The termination will result in the school corporation’s ability to consolidate two part-time positions into one full time position.

In 2003, a pension debt was established by the school for teachers. With the requirements met there was an excess of $7,897.34. According to state statues, the money from the debt fund can only be transferred to the general fund. The Board approved the transfer and moved to the next item of business.

Following the expiration of their current contract with Adams Renco for popper and printer equipment maintenance, the Board briefly considered switching to Xerox for its needs. After minor discussion, the Board approved to renew their contract with Adams Renco, which after calculations, will save the corporation $6,000 per year more.

For the 2014 to 2015 school year, the Union-North United School Corporation approved the use of the e-Funds for Schools program, a free service offered to schools that allow families to pay for book rental fees online with check, debit, and credit card processing. Potentially, the system has built into it the ability for parents to pay school lunch fees and sports fees. After a two year process, e-Funds for Schools is planned to streamline the process for parents and the school. Plymouth High School has already utilized the service. For more information, parents are encourage to visit the schools’ website

As part of an effort to sort through unnecessary supplies, a list of items from the Elementary School were declared as surplus.
Old desks and other furniture, televisions, computers, and various items were collected and reviewed for their value.

Old electronics, computers, and televisions will be sold to Computer Electronic Recycling of South Bend, who will recycle the parts and extract the gold from the components for over $4.00 per pound. Furniture will be either donated to Habitat for Humanity and some to Goodwill.