Last week's Culver Citizen Mystery Citizen solved!

A great many readers identified last week’s Mystery Citizen, due no doubt partly to his recognizability, and partly to the wonders of the Citizen’s new Facebook page, which gave a great many more readers a convenient, timely, and visible way to spot the Mystery Citizen. Among our “winners”: Maggie Nixon, Michele Trusty, Shannon Shepherd, Sandra Kelso, Hope Thomas, Mary Beth Harness, Anna Neher, Cindy Riester, Donna Green, Bryce Lindvall, Nancy Jiminez, Brenda J. Burkett, Betty Voreis, Susie Mahler, Terry and Carin Clifton, Scott Croy, Craig Hopple, Sandra Kelso, and Justin Croy.
Who was the citizen? He’s Shane Lowry, who helped coach the celebrated Lady Cavaliers basketball team to a semistate showdown these past months.