Lake sewer board gets two new members

By Brent Glasgow
BREMEN — While most were focused on state races and Republicans’ national rout of Democrats on Election Day, Lake of the Woods residents had some local turnover of their own.
Two new members will join the Lake of the Woods sewer board after Polly Manges and William Harner Jr. were selected over incumbents Joe Skelton and Joe Toth.
“Obviously I’m pleased with the results and will strive to serve the people and bring unity back to our community,” Manges said.
Manges tallied the highest vote count of the four candidates with 179 (30.29 percent), followed by Harner with 177 (29.95 percent).
“I am thankful for those that supported me,” Manges said. “A lot of people pulled together.”
Skelton received 125 votes (21.5 percent), and saluted the victors.
“First of all I want to congratulate them,” Skelton said. “The people have spoken and they got a lot of votes. They have a lot of work ahead of them. Sometimes you have to make hard decisions that people don’t like.”
Skelton served on the board for eight years, which he looks back on positively.
“I’m proud of those eight years because we accomplished a lot,” Skelton said. “We got a lot of new programs and we came in when the budget wasn’t doing real well. Now we have a surplus and had two rate cuts. I’m proud of all of that.”
Skelton will remain active in trying to better the lake’s future.
“I care about this lake and will always work for improving the lake,” Skelton said. “As long as I’m here and breathing I’ll do all I can to take care of it.”
Toth, a four-year board member, received 110 votes (18.61 percent), was disappointed in the outcome but also looked to the future.
“I hope they do a good job and hope things go well for them,” Toth said. “I can’t change anything or tell people what to do. I just want to thank all of the people that voted for us.”