Lake increases summer security

Sheriff Tom Chamberlin and representatives from the Lake Maxinkuckee Association presented a plan to increase patrol hours on the lake this summer during the Marshall County Commissioners meeting Monday. Their objective is to have law enforcement patrolling the lake on boats for 800 hours during the summer, which Chamberlin said is considered to be June 1-Sept. 15.
“In past summers, the former lake patrol has patrolled 1,000 hours, but sometimes it was only 500 because of lack of staff or inclement weather,” said Chamberlin.
He continued, saying that the extra patrol hours would be filled by State Police merit officers and three Culver officers who would be seasonal employees.
“No monies will be taken from the state police department or taxpayers,” said Chamberlin, noting that the funds for the extra patrol hours come partly from a $15,000 grant from the Department of Natural Resources.
Whatever funds are needed over that amount will be supplemented by the Lake Maxinkuckee Association. Chamberlin also noted that the officers would receive additional boat training and be instructed in Title 14 boating laws.
“There will be an emphasis on security and enforcement of Indiana boating laws,” said Chamberlin later. “There has been some lack of law enforcement on the lake for a number of years.”
The agreement for increased patrol hours was approved by the commissioners, and its effectiveness will be evaluated next year for the following summer.