Knox football coach/team praised for park cleanup

KNOX — A representative from the Knox Park Board appeared before members of the school board to commend the actions of the new varsity football coach, Chris McGowen, for sending the football team to Sandy Acres Park to clean up fallen trees and branches. The team spent about four hours at the park doing clean up work instead of practicing.
“I would like to give a special commendation to Chris McGowen, he took 45 boys and completely cleaned up, raked up and took care of that problem for us,” said Dave Bullock. “That was (a) huge (benefit). As you know we’ve got a major disaster (from storm damage at the parks) and that was a very, very appreciated thing and certainly not something expected. I think it’s something way out of the ordinary and deserves commendation. We do really appreciate that kind of effort,” Bullock went on. That’s really something when he’ll (McGowen) take his boys out of a practice and put them to work for us and the community. That’s big,” said Bullock.
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