Knox board approves Corbin suspension

KNOX — The Knox Community School Board approved a letter of suspension for Ryan Corbin. Corbin, 27, is a Knox High School gym teacher and girls and boys varsity swim coach. Corbin is accused of  inappropriate behavior with a 16-year-old student and has been charged with two counts of attempted child seduction, class D felonies. Knox Superintendent A.J. Gappa and the other board members did not discuss the suspension or charges at the meeting and had no comments on the matter.
The school board approved a new position of data systems coordinator at their recent meeting. The data systems coordinator position would incorporate some of the duties of the former technology secretary  (position) and add the inputting of data from testing of students at all three schools.
“With this position we want to take advantage of  all the new evaluation systems coming forth from the state,” said Gappa. “With teacher accountability being tied into different testing, that is going to be required. We want our teachers and administrators to have access to the data in a relatively quick manner so they can use that for forming lessons, unit plans and so forth.”
Kathy Kukula will hold the position of data systems coordinator.
Gappa told the board that the facilities study committee, made up of board members Kirk Bennett, Mary Lynn Ritchie and Harold Welter, will meet to discuss possible options for the Palmer Wing this month. The Palmer Wing of the elementary school is in need of repair and Gappa has had staff at the schools, board members and members of the community tour the facility to show the state of the wing. No actions have been taken and Gappa has kept the board informed of the study regularly. The committee will also discuss funding options and how to obtain funding to move ahead with any actions to be taken on the wing. 
Gappa informed the board that the floor at door number seven was fixed over spring break. The cement slab in the foyer of that doorway gave way. The slab sits above a tunnel that carries water pipes and heating ducts throughout the building. The door was closed and walking students and drop off students were rerouted to use a different door. After the long Easter weekend, door number seven will be open and walkers and drop off students will not have to use the alternate plan set in place when door seven was closed.
The school board accepted the following extracurricular positions resignations:
Linda Young; assistant cheerleading coach, Cameron Gilbert; girls varsity assistant basketball, Brian Earnest; girls junior varsity basketball, Larry Mullins; girls freshmen basketball (effective April 2), and David Elliot; assistant musical director (effective March 22).
Approved extracurricular appointments are as follows:
Brian Earnest; girls varsity assistant basketball and Larry Mullins; girls junior varsity basketball (effective April 2).
The board approved the new hire of John Binkowski for summer mowing.
Also approved was the resignation of Jennifer Byrne-Stasiek as Knox High School paraprofessional (effective March 9) and the transfer of Kathy Kukula from KHS guidance secretary to data systems coordinator (effective April 3).