Judge administers oaths of office

PLYMOUTH — Marshall County Circuit Court Judge Curt Palmer gave the oath of office to nearly two dozen newly elected officials late Friday morning.
Those in attendance were elected to office in the November General Election.
County and Township officials — along with town officials — gathered in front of the judge’s bench and simultaneously took their oath of office Friday. Those participating included County Commissioners Jack Roose and Greg Compton; County Council members Judith Stone, Matt Hassel, John Benedict and Don Morrison; County Auditor Penny Lukenbill; County Assessor Debbie Dunning; Sheriff Tom Chamberlin; Prosecuting Attorney David Holmes; County Clerk Julie Fox; and Recorder Marlene Mahler.
Also taking their oaths of office were Center Township Board members Keith Hammonds and James Baldwin; North Township Trustee Chelsea Roose and West Township Trustee Terry Borggren. George Null, Argos Town Board member, was also sworn in, along with several others.
The oath of office was administered at 11 a.m. Friday with newly elected officials taking on their official duties as of 12:01 Saturday morning, Jan. 1.