The Joy of Being There

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The joy of BeingThere
On a beautiful still summery morning, I like seeing the clouds on the ground.
OK, I know it is just evaporating mist, but clouds on the ground sounds so much more magical
If you are blessed, as I was, to do some of the rural routes we cover, you get to see a lot of the glory of natural creation.
I see all sorts of skittering animals in the path of the lld rickety delivery maker (and the truck is kinda old too).
Tiny striped chipmunks fly across the roadway, almost daring to be hit but knowing they are faster than ever I will be. I have raced wobbly fat hedgehogs along the way, until they tire and take a bush break. Rabbits of all sizes and ages greet me in parallel flight, always faster than I am able to go
Ahead, Is see the shadowy shape of deer but they almost always are long gone by the time I reach that point where they stood, suspicious of this whiz banging interloper in their world.
In hometowns, there are dogs to greet me, an occasional cat to studiously ignore me and, once, a peacock in full display. Showoff.
If you can look around and take in the majesty of the moment as you do your job, you are a lucky man indeed. We enjoy what we do, in our neighborhoods of our hometowns.
But we get back so much more than we give.
We all deliver for each other

I often say the newspaper delivery folks with whom I work are the front line of the newspaper. These are the men and women customers meet and what they know about who works at the paper, for the most part. They are all part of the hometown community and enjoy working in their own neighborhoods.