John Glenn superintendent Reese is Falcon Award Winner

WALKERTON — The John Glenn School Corporation announced Tuesday that superintendent Richard Reese has been named the 2011 Falcon Award recipient.
A 1973 John Glenn High School graduate, Reese has been with the John Glenn School Corporation for 27 years, seven as the superintendent of schools for the corporation and 20 years as the principal for Urey Middle School.
Reese has been instrumental in developing the athletic facilities at the John Glenn School Corporation consisting of an auxiliary gym, weight room, offices, wrestling room and numerous store rooms. As Urey principal, he was supportive of the development of B-teams in boys basketball, girls basketball and girls volleyball.
Reese also plays an important role in finding funds for equipment whenever it is needed, and when athletic events occur, Reese more often than not will be seen attending the event, whether if it is elementary, middle or high school.
The Falcon Award is an annual award issued to a deserving individual who has shown support over a period of years for the John Glenn School Corporation athletic programs by coaching or providing services for teams. The award will be presented to Reese between the junior varsity and varsity boys basketball home games against Plymouth Tuesday, Feb. 21.