John Glenn literary magazine nominated for 'highest' award

WALKERTON — The literary magazine of John Glenn High School, the Aerial, was recently nominated for a Highest award from the National Council of Teachers of English. Although John Glenn was beat out by Park Tudor, a private school in Indianapolis, they still received the ranking of Superior. Park Tudor and John Glenn were the only schools in the state to receive the top awards.
"It's a pretty high award, we were still pretty happy with it," said magazine faculty staff Paul Hernandez. "We had a lot of strong seniors last year who did some excellent poetry and also fiction. Those pieces probably caught the judges attention."
The award winning magazine was released last March, and students and staff are already hard at work on this year's issue.
"This year is the first that (Aerial) will be 100 percent student produced," said Hernandez, explaining that in the past, the magazine was printed by a printing company — with unsatisfactory results.
"We might be crazy, but this year we are going to try to print all the issues here and put them together ourselves," said Hernandez. "We've used part of our magazine budget to buy five printing cartridges so we will have enough ink. It's going to be our most ambitious issue yet, with 190 pages compared to our usual 160 or so."
When it's completed, about 85 students will have contributed to the issue with writing or artwork.
"(The creative writing students and I) collaborate a lot with John Thomas, the art teacher and the art department to try to match their art pieces with our written pieces," said Hernandez. "The art students do pencil and ink interpretations for some of the written pieces, and I think that gives them a sense of self-satisfaction — seeing their artwork in print with a story with it."
The Aerial staff hopes to begin printing this year's issue by the end of February, for distribution in March.