Jail report given to county officers

Each year, the Marshall County Sheriff issues a yearly jail report to the County Commissioners and County Council.
The numbers compiled can be revealing.
Below are highlights from outgoing Sheriff Jon VanVactor’s jail report for 2010.
During the year of 2010 there were a total of 2,070 inmates processed into the jail. The average daily book in for the jail was 5.7 prisoners. The average daily inmate population was 100 persons.
The following is a list of the top 10 identified type of offenses of persons lodged in the Marshall County Jail during 2010:
1. Operating while intoxicated 315 or 15.22 percent.
2. Failure to appear 226 or 10.92 percent
3. Driving while suspended 149 or 7.2 percent
4. Public intoxication 143 or 6.91 percent
5. Theft 141 or 6.81 percent
6. Probation violation 134 or 6.47 percent
7. Civil contempt 90 or 4.35 percent
8. Operating with no license 87 or 4.2 percent
9. Possession of precursors 83 or 4.01 percent
10. Battery 64 or 3.09 percent
Operating while intoxicated, public intoxication and minor consuming accounted for nearly 25 percent of the bookings for 2010. Possession of cocaine/meth and possession of percursors accounted for just over 7 percent of bookings on the year.
There were no deaths in custody during the year.
A total of 466 incidents were documented by the jail staff. These included inmate fights, jail rule violations, insubordination, behavior tickets, destruction of jail property, contraband found during inspections and medical incidents involving jail inmates.
There were no escapes reported and no escape attempts reported.
The jail housed two juveniles; one had been waived to adult court in another county. He was held for a court hearing and returned to that county. The other was held from April to December of 2010 and then taken to the Indiana Department of Corrections.
Programs available to inmates at the jail:
1. Religious programs.
2. On-site medical needs
3. Mental health on an as-needed basis
4. A library of materials from Alcoholics Anonymous
5. An outreach program to inmates’ families at Christmas and Thanksgiving.
Staff consisted of 29 full time dispatcher/jailers and nine part time dispatcher/jailers who are assigned to work in the jail and the 911 communication center. The jail has a total capacity of 233 beds as of June.
The staffing of the jail was a constant concern of the former sheriff and jail commander because improper staffing levels is considered a safety issue to staff. As the inmate population increases, VanVactor said, so will the need for staff to insure safety.
Since the purchase of equipment for video arraignment, 551 hearings have been conducted by this method since May of 2010. This has decreased the amount of transports to the courthouse and increased security. It has also improved efficiency of jail operations, VanVactor said.
Work continues to establish a conferencing link with the Department of Corrections to reduce the number of transports to various facilities around the state.
The jail was inspected by the Indiana Department of Corrections Jail Inspector, the Indiana State Fire Marshal’s office and the Health Department during the year with no major deficiencies being found.