'Jack and the Beanstalk' opens tonight

PLYMOUTH — More than 50 local children make up the cast of this weekend’s Jack in the Beanstalk performance from the Plymouth Missoula Children’s Theatre. Organizer Donna Georgen said that she appreciates being a part of Missoula because each year’s productions are so appreciated by the children and the community.
“One of the things that has been so appealing about bringing Missoula to the area every year is that the tour directors are always prepared and the kids love it — they could do it all summer long,” said Georgen.
Tour directors for this year’s performance are Valerie Stevens and Jessica Mathis, and the two have been working extensively with the cast for the past week to put together the program. The show opens tonight, and there will be a second performance Saturday night. Both performances begin at 7 p.m. and will be held at Menominee Elementary School. Admission is $6 for adults and $3 for children 12 and younger.
Cast of Jack and the Beanstalk includes:
Jack – Eric Burch; Jill – Rebecca Houser; Mother – Dakota Bitting; Milky White – Kate Peters; Giant – Cory Andrzejewski; Harp – Gabby Garver; Merchants – Haley Buchanan, Hope Carter,
Gabby Garver, Caleb Isom, Tanner Kinney, Isabel Nunez, Maggie Phillips, Justin Puglisi,
Rosemary Szalay, Autumn Wilson; Farmers - Brooklyn Bitting, Katie Buckland, Callie Burch,
Adam Cole, Emma Daniels, Julia Marohn, Catherine Neese, Claire Peters, Trevor Pletcher,
Brenna Sullivan; Circus – Emmaly Bitting, Sadie Buchanan, Quincey Hess,
Zailey Hess, Gretchen Isom, Emma Kruyer,Kelsey Kruyer, Takis Kurtis, Claudia Marohn,
Ryan Puglisi, Sirena Renfrow, Lennon Richie, Kara Sabanski, Payton Sales, Kenzie Snyder,
Makayla Wilson; Wonder Beans – Lauren Barnes, Dylan Buchanan,
Duncan Carter, Ava Cole, Tanner Gault, Brandon Goetz, Anya Hebner, Eleni Kurtis,
Max Marohn, Thad Pletcher, Ella Schwenk, Jasmine Swihart; Assistant Directors – Trevor Kinney & Katie Machlan; Accompanist – Alex Jeffirs; P.T. Wonder Director – Jessica Mathis (Tour Actor/Director); Tour Actor/Director - Valerie Stevens.