It's official! 'Little Savages' to commence Culver shooting this summer

CULVER — Filmmakers who scouted Culver locations last month for a possible movie shoot in Culver have announced the town has officially been chosen as the site for filming later this summer.
James Simmons, an executive producer with Bear Fruit Films (, made the announcement last week.
Simmons was joined by Bear Fruit's writer-director Paul Tomborello and associate producer Sean Stephens in talks with representatives of various Culver entities about shooting "Little Savages," a "redemptive family film," possibly including scenes shot at this year's Lake Fest.
The movie's plot centers around the Savage kids, local to Culver, who search for a hidden treasure in competition with town bullies in search of the same treasure. Promotional material likened the script to "a blend of 'Goonies,' 'Little Rascals,' 'The Ultimate Gift.' and 'The Amazing Race.'"
While Simmons emphasizes exact dates aren't known, filming would likely begin in August, though some footage may yet be captured during Lake Fest. Casting calls are expected to be set up in South Bend, Chicago, Grand Rapids and Indianapolis in late June.
The film is considered "low budget" at under $1 million, but filmmakers hope the "faith-based" movie will take off and perhaps even spiral into a franchise.
Shooting in Culver had been deemed advantageous due to its easy access to Chicago and Grand Rapids, among other cities, though filmmakers had considered shooting in states which offer financial incentives to movie studios utilizing their locales. In the end, Culver's overall compatibility was among factors weighing in in its favor; local volunteers and extras will likely be utilized during shooting.